Youth Track Meet Results

John Greenstine | Delco RRC

Delco RRC, with the Swarthmore Recreation Association, directed another successful track meet for kids aged 4 to 16 on  Saturday, June 2, at Strath Haven H.S. Track. Approximately 90 local young athletes, mostly from the SRA and AJ ‘s Elite track club,  participated. Meet directors Andrew Armour and Byron Mundy thank all the volunteers who helped run the meet. Delco RRC members included Terry Adamson, John Ashton, Amy Binder, Cheryl Cantlin, Madeline Delaney, Larry Filtz, Bob Fyfe, Bob Gagliardi,  John Greenstine, Molly Hickey,  Bridget Hickey, Jack Langan,  Diane Lista, Francesca   LoPresti,   Eric Mundy, Mary Beth Mundy,  Meg Nilan, Jennifer Powers, Bill Schultz, Mike Tiedeman, Bill Weber,  and Shirley Weber. About 8  volunteers from the SRA directed the softball throw and high jump.

An open mile was held for adults 18 & over with results listed below:
5:55   Eric Mundy
6:15   Kevin Bagley
6:34   Andrew Lund
6:41   Tony Kou
6:43   Byron Mundy
6:43   Ellen Armour   (1st woman)
8:34   Anne Lund