2023 Dawn To Dusk To Dawn Track Ultras

John Greenstine

50K competitors in the D3 Ultras

May 13-14, 2023 saw 5 members of the DELCO RRC take part in the 26th running of the Dawn To Dusk To Dawn Track Ultras in Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania. The event is the creation of Delco RRC member and ultra runner Bill Schultz.   

In the 24Hr, Janet Smith-McGurk and Bonnie Muetterties were running. The 24hr started at 7:00AM and Janet (50) started  clicking off laps between 2:15 and 2:30.  She reached the marathon in 4:31:34 and kept right on going. She went thru 50 miles in 9:51:27.  Problems started to add up, and she was forced to drop after 55.42 miles. Although Bonnie (69) was in the 24hr, a family situation meant that she couldn’t make the start.  As it was she, she eventually started about 7 hrs late.  She then went on to go thru the marathon in 7:08:11 and the 50K in 8:25:06.  Her goals were in sight, and her 50K split set a new Women’s PA State Age Record.  She finished with 32.31 miles which was good enough to set another PA State Record for 24hrs.

In the 50K, which started at 9:00 AM, Yoshiko Jo, Sue Irvan, and Josh Irvan took part.  All three of them got off to good starts and settled in behind the leaders – Peter Oviatt and Pam Smith. Josh was running 3rd Overall in the 50K and went thru the marathon split in 3:44:36. Yoshko was 4th OA in 4:02:35, and Sue was 5th OA in 4:07:34. They held steady to the end and finished the 50K in the same order. Josh was 4:28:52, Yoshiko was 4:46:32, and Sue 4:56:35!  

As it was, Josh was the Men’s 50K Runner-Up, and Yoshiko was the Women’s 50K runner-up.