Delco RRC Return to Fun Runs

As the PA governor moves us into the yellow phase of the pandemic,  Delco RRC will move to start up its Fun Runs again. The guidance says groups of 25 and under may gather as long as social distancing can still occur within the gathering. The Road Runners Club of America, which the club is affiliated with, recommends clubs follow the local and CDC guidelines for resuming group runs. With these guidelines in mind, we feel that the fun runs can resume Saturday June 6th. Since our popular Wednesday nights at Swarthmore can exceed 25 people, we will have 2 groups meeting: slower runners and walkers should gather near the community center, and the rest gather at the usual parking lot corner near the playground.

As we gather at the Fun Runs, while we are running, and after we are running, we should still maintain the 6 feet social distancing and we should not share hydration or food; bring your own.  We should not shake hands or engage in other forms of close contact. If you have been diagnosed with Covid-19, please do not attend. Similarly if you are feverish or don’t feel well, please skip the fun runs.

Stay safe.  See you out there!